October 1 Las Vegas shootings and what we’re doing to help

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A benefit for the victims of the October 1 shootings in Las Vegas. Fifty eight people were brutally gunned down in the city I have called home for the majority of my adult life. That evening we were just about to go to bed and the news broke there was some kind of shooting on the strip. My first thought at the moment, was maybe a person was shot, but we kept the tv on to see. As the story unfolded that evening, it was horrifying. Unbelievable. How is this happening?  I think we stayed up till 2 AM watching. I went to bed thinking there were maybe a dozen dead and 50 shot.  Then waking up to find just how many people were killed was unimaginable. Over 500 people hurt in this.

Our city has come together and showed the world who we are. I understand the stigma Las Vegas has and how many people don’t believe there’s a world out side the stretch of road called the strip. Well there are more than 2 million people here. We’ve got schools, neighborhoods, churches and real life people that keep this grown up Disneyland of a town going 24 hours a day. I’m saddened it took this tragedy to show what we’re made of, but that’s how life works isn’t it. I’m proud of our city. I’m proud of all the people.

We get to use our music as a way to help the victims of the shooting. A friend, Ron Corso of National Southwestern Recording here in Las Vegas is putting together a 10 song complilation of different bands doing country tunes to raise some funds. We went in on 10-25-17 and tracked live a cover of Buck Owens 1969 hit, Big In Vegas. We had the treat of Joel Ferguson in on Ppedal steel and he and Trevor had a blast exchanging licks. We will likely have a short version and the extended jam at the outro because there was so much goodness. We’ve got a little sneak peak of the session here. I hope you guys will check it out and be ready to support once we get this out. Thanks!

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