Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

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It was a Sunday afternoon and we needed a day shot at the Gateway Motel for a scene during Fremont Street. I told Lee Ann it won’t take long, we’ll take the kids and then jump over for tacos at Casa Don Juan on Main Street. I wanted to somehow get my kids in the movie, so we had them skate in front of the truck as it’s pulling in to the motel.

We shot the scene with the kids and then had them go hang out with Lee Ann next door in the car. The Gateway Motel isn’t always the best place for kids to be hanging out, even if they’re teenagers. Me and Zohaib we’re shooting me getting out of the truck and looking around the motel when a van pulled up. The guy stops and says to me, “Hey come here, I’ll give you $500 cash right now if you can tell me if you’ve seen a kid about 11 years old, half Mexican half black and his mom is a Spanish woman.”

I said, “I haven’t seen anyone.” The guy stared me down for a couple seconds then just drove off without another word.

About 10 minutes prior to that guy pulling up, I saw that kid across the way at the motel. I’d never sell anyone out, especially a kid and his Mom. I still have no idea of who the guy was or what business he had with them. It may have worked out well that way. We took that chance encounter and worked it into the story of Lost Vegas Hiway. That’s kind of the way we worked the film. We rolled with what ever came our way and accepted what ever would or wouldn’t happen, as the way things should be.

The coolest part of this, we actually caught the van pulling up and calling me over. We ¬†found a guy with cool Chevy van to use in the movie to mirror what happened. Like my all time favorite songwriter Guy Clark wrote, “Some days you write the song, some days the song writes you. I hope you’re rolling with it!


Watch the short clip of the real van pulling up




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