Sheffield Texas and 3 AM at a gas station in Arizona

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My brother in law Bob says nothing good ever happens at 3 AM.

Me and Trevor were on our way back from playing in Austin. We got up early and were on the road by 7 to drive it straight through back to Vegas. I’s a long drive, especially to actually get out of Texas, which I don’t like to leave once we’re there! I remember we were on this long stretch of road on Interstate 10. Trevor was crashed out in the passenger seat and I was making good time. I passed a gas station exit but I was on a 1/4 tank and the iPad showed what appeared to be several more exits down the road. And like I said, I was making good time.

We come up on one of those ‘exits’ I saw on the iPad, but like much of west Texas, there was a lot of nothing. Another ten miles the fuel light comes on, dings so loud, it wakes Trevor up. I was hoping he’d keep sleeping and be oblivious to my white knuckles on the steering wheel. I didn’t want to tell him we might be in trouble, but he could tell.

A word to the wise, don’t pass Ozona TX on a 1/4 tank of gas if you’re headed west. We luckily made it up to Sheffield, which was about 5 miles off the freeway. Four bucks a gallon, I told the woman at the gas station I would have paid $10. I can’t remember her name now but we snapped a picture out side for posterity. I’ve been much better now gassing up on long drives through big stretches of nothing, but I am, only a man.

In case you’d like to take a tour of Sheffield TX.

Fast forward about 700 miles and 3 in the morning. We we’re just about 100 miles from Vegas in Kingman Arizona. The gas tank was about half full (notice not half empty because as I explained before, I’m an optimist) and of course I had to pee. Now Trevor and I both share July birthdays. Me on the 7th Trevor on the 13th. Hence the release date of 7-7-17 for Lost Vegas, which you can buy here. (slick I know) Well for a change of pace I pulled in to pump 13 for Trevor.

I step out of the car and go to gas up. On the ground next to the pump was a white guitar pick. I need to point out, before our trip out, Lee Ann bought me white guitar picks with our website address on them. It was also around this time I came up with the band name The Songhearts. Anyhow I see a white guitar pick on the ground and think I dropped a guitar pick of mine. I bend down and pick it up. I turn it over and it has the initials JM inside a flaming sacred heart.

Look I do don’t think I’m alone in saying, what in the hell would the chances be, of a guy finding his own initials on a guitar pick, with the same logo he had been using, at a gas station at 3 in the morning. I don’t either. It freaked me out. If you’ve watched the movie, I put this story in there because it’s so strange. It has no real point, but the fact that this really happened brings up the point again, truth is stranger than fiction.

I’m personally taking it as a sign from the other side that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. So Bob may say that nothing good happens at 3 am, but maybe, only weird shit happens at 3 in the morning.


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