A hook 20 years in the making

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Behind the scenes shot of Lee Ann after shooting the shack scene in Lost Vegas Hiway.

This song was 20+ years in the making. Really. A coworker set me up on a blind date with his middle sisters and honestly, it was love at first sight.After 3 months we moved in together, I proposed a year later and we’ve been together ever since. That was May 21, 1994 which is also the only time in my life I sank the 8 ball on a break.

On our 6 month anniversary, we drove up to Atlanta to see Billy Joe Shaver. On the way up, I gave Lee Ann a small ring and a card. In the card I wrote,”This promise ring’s true.” I thought, well damn that’s a good line! I’ve been saving it every since. When I was writing the songs for the album, Lee Ann said, “God these songs are depressing.” So I did my best to brighten the place up with something a little sweeter.

This may be a song about a couple at a motel who just got married, but really, it’s a song about Lee Ann and me. Enjoy the live facebook stream we did of the song and story, along with more behind the scenes stories on the movie. You can get the album and movie, plus see and hear the finished version of Promise Ring. Buy Lost Vegas Hiway here.



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